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Lots to Learn–Ubuntu!

Even more timely now than when it was first posted. Ubuntu!

One Pond-Ripples

My Experience With Ubuntu

A few years ago I was introduced to Ubuntu by African refugees I connected with at work. And a new LinkedIn friend who was born in Africa shared his thoughts on Ubuntu. And just today a friend posted a classic Ubuntu story on Facebook.

Sometimes it seems things come together for a reason if you just open your eyes and mind. I was letting Ubuntu collect dust, it’s high time to flip the spotlight back on. We stand to learn a lot from Ubuntu.

A past employer had a good many refugees in the plant including many Africans. When we first started hiring refugees, since I was doing new hire orientations I figured it was a good idea to study up on their customs, norms, and history to be able to better connect with them on a personal level. I feel incredibly richer as a result.

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