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Blood Boiling, Counting to Ten….

…three different languages didn’t work, I must need a fourth.

I posted this short piece on WordPress as part of an experiment—not sure if FaceBook is agile enough to use like this. I sent a short invitation to a very small, select FB group because this is not yet ready for prime time:

“Needing some fellow “progressive” snowflake libtards. Please tag others you think can help further this grand notion but don’t “share” or open up to just anyone! Check the link on WordPress, but comment here on FB. If we keep the audience limited we can speak freely without getting into nasty arguments!”  (the blog post follows)

I just saw an official Trump-connected Facebook post recruiting sheeples to join forces against “fake news”. And the story is breaking about Sinclair chain anchors being required to read a prepared piece railing against “fake news” in wording direct from the donald’s playbook. These latest overt attacks against independent media, free press, freedom of speech…a.k.a our First Amendment rights….are downright scary. It’s the 1st for good reason, and it’s in serious trouble.

Sane people are dumbfounded that so many actually fall for this crap hook, line and sinker. To most consciously breathing people around the world this president is the #1 notorious lie-peddler, the premier purveyor of mis / disinformation and outright stupid flaming falsehoods that are too easy to debunk. Both domestic and international credibility is pretty much flushed down the toilet and people who want to know the truth are hard-pressed to find it.

Trust No One….it’s our current reality, will it become our legacy?

He is attacking the vital democratic foundations of an independent press / free speech, and free thought along with the notion of an independent judiciary and FBI. He ignores the most sophisticated intelligence community in the world, choosing instead to spew made up stuff and Fox sound bytes because he’s a really smart guy, you know. The smartest. Anything negative about him is lies and fake news, and he tries to insult and bully his way through undeniably true but unflattering information and kill the messengers in the process. He’s getting away with it, his base loves it! Mutts licking the hand, showing unconditional adoration to a cruel master, even through all the beatings.

End of Rant, What Now?

There’s growing noise about our “democratic” system being a complete, overtly corrupt failure. Won’t go into the why’s and what for’s here, it is what it is. The big question: can either party clean up its act enough to be considered worth keeping around? Or is it time for a third party? My opinion, shared by a growing number: We the People deserve better choices in representation, and We the People demand real representation for our votes.

We the People need to get OUR act together to stop this madness. There’s no Lone Ranger on his / her way. So, Question du Jour….how would a third party gain a foothold?

What Can WE Do, Here and Now? There’s more ideas out there, just wanted to salt the mine and find a few of the right miners!

Real information can be a powerful lever–valid sources, clear messages, meaningful subject matter. Build knowledge, understanding, awareness, involvement. The right people cannot refuse to do something. What about the hard core “other side”? Cut ‘em loose, minimize losses, refuse to engage in mindless pissing matches. They’ve chosen to be on the wrong side of history, it’s normally a waste of energy, the ARE NOT the majority. There’s plenty to do without them, plenty of good people to cover their absence.

ACTION: collaborate on building an anonymous information clearinghouse, a closed group FB page? A source of real information that is snowballed out via personal channels. No huge discussions, just information gathering, clarifying and validation when needed. The collaborators all have their favorite sources, leverage strength in numbers. When sharing, tag with the mantra “share if you care”…or ??? to encourage broad dissemination.

Also, serve as hub / point of entry for various progressive movements / organizations, only valid players! Have contact information available and occasionally promote them

Leaders Acting Like Kids, Kids Stepping Up To Lead.

There’s a bright ray of sunshine peeking out from behind the Florida 17 cloud–a national movement that must be nurtured into FUTURE VOTER maturity! I teach, so I reach some kids. But I don’t connect with too many on social media and my hands are just a little tied as far as how much I can use the podium to preach. We need a conscious outreach!

ACTION: Connect with the numerous “Never Again” organizations / FB pages and the emerging major players. These people are already leaning the right way, but they will be under serious attack from bad influencers. ASAP, (1) initiate a “Register and VOTE” campaign; (2) help new voters / kids in general access valid and meaningful, progressive-leaning information.

No categories, no tags hash or otherwise, keeping this relatively quiet for now. That’s all from me…what’s on you mind?



Lots to Learn–Ubuntu!

Even more timely now than when it was first posted. Ubuntu!

One Pond-Ripples

My Experience With Ubuntu

A few years ago I was introduced to Ubuntu by African refugees I connected with at work. And a new LinkedIn friend who was born in Africa shared his thoughts on Ubuntu. And just today a friend posted a classic Ubuntu story on Facebook.

Sometimes it seems things come together for a reason if you just open your eyes and mind. I was letting Ubuntu collect dust, it’s high time to flip the spotlight back on. We stand to learn a lot from Ubuntu.

A past employer had a good many refugees in the plant including many Africans. When we first started hiring refugees, since I was doing new hire orientations I figured it was a good idea to study up on their customs, norms, and history to be able to better connect with them on a personal level. I feel incredibly richer as a result.

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