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US Health Care–Missing the Obvious

No comment on the piracy that’s rampant in the US health care system, and the grave dangers in the path our representatives are headed down….except this: INFORM, INVOLVE, RESIST! If you care, do something. Add to and change this as you see fit, copy / paste what’s below. Or share the link if that’s easier. DON’T just “like”. I don’t need credit—it’s the info that is important, but please tag me if you copy / paste, as I want to keep track of this one. And encourage others to spread the word too.



Why not? Seems to work well for the rest of the world so there are abundant models to benchmark. Yet, except for that wild-haired radical from out east no one dares bring up the obvious. WHY?

A wild guess…power brokers and profiteers have something to do with it. Where we are now and the direction the railroad is taking us is blatant financial robbery and class warfare. But worse than being fleeced, we’re being cheated out of a chance at a longer, healthier, more productive and fulfilling life. That is obscene, it’s immoral.


Among the most powerful and well-funded lobby sectors: finance / investments, fossil fuel, and …health care. Google it. The number of politicians who are heavily invested in health care, and who stand to gain (or lose) big bucks from health care, is embarrassing. Google it.

Big pharma, big insurance carriers, even big providers are ruled by the bottom line. Our health and general well-being…our lives…are being held hostage while the profiteers decide whether there’s enough margin for them to treat what ails us, or whether we should just crawl out of sight and die somewhere.

WHAT WE NEED: Shift Priority From Treatment to Preventive

A lesson to be learned from manufacturing. One big difference in philosophy is what led to the Japanese kicking US manufacturing’s ass for a decade. Run the equipment like crazy and wait until something beaks down, then fix it? Or, keep it from breaking down in the first place? Build it right the first time, or inspect substandard stuff out and rework what can be fixed?

There’s far more to the story, but the bottom line: assuring quality and preventive action is much more cost effective and delivers a far superior product than reworked stuff that is caught by the quality cops.

Guess what? The same thing applies to the ultimate machine–the human body. The machine runs better, last longer with fewer breakdowns, and costs less to operate with preventive maintenance and quality assurance. Decades of manufacturing data verifies a huge net gain when more preventive dollars are spent. Better bottom line because there are fewer costly breakdowns and down time, less substandard output to either scrap or rework, fewer post-sales failures in the field, fewer lost or pissed off customers, fewer demoralized, disgruntled, disengaged employees. Read that last line with our health as your focus.

WHAT WE NEED: Weird Works Wonders

It’s in process, need more. Boost awareness of the more spiritual side of humanity, weird voodoo stuff that is proven to be powerful health and longevity boosters, incredible elixirs for the human spirit. It’s more than eating bean sprouts and regular exercise. Basic mindfulness, yoga, social-emotional strength, purpose and values, and meditation are not airy fairy pixie dust. The WIIFM is backed with buckets of studies and data, and “me” intensive: longer and higher quality of life.

Closing thought… this link, really study it. This is from 2010, but still relevant and raises two key points:

(ONE) The US is abundantly prosperous. And we spend far more on health care than any other country, yet our life expectancy doesn’t reflect it. Why? Lousy return on investment? Or profiteering?

(TWO) The US and Mexico are the only two countries with red lines on the graph, indicating no universal health care. Why?

Are the two points related?