Stress by the Numbers-Indicators and Impacts

(this is support data for another post addressing workplace stress)

Stress Indicators and Impacts

  • Deloitte’s third annual Global Human Capital Trends 2015: Leading in the New World of Work: “…66 per cent of respondents believed their employees were “overwhelmed” by today’s work environment and 74 per cent cited workplace complexity as a significant problem.”
  • 2012 Workplace Survey (American Psychological Association): 41% said they “feel tense or stressed out during the workday” up from the year prior’s 36%.
    38% of employees can’t stop thinking about problems like emotional, health, financial and job concerns (annual wellness report, Employee Assistance Program provider ComPsych)
  • Stress costs American businesses $300 billion dollars a year (World Health Organization)
  • Stress is the most common cause of long-term absence and several other productivity deflators (CIPD’s 2014 Absence Management Survey)

From ComPsych’s 2012 Stress Pulse Survey:

Effect of stress on daily productivity
41% lose 15 to 30 minutes of productivity a day
36% lose one hour or more each day
23% report their productivity is not affected by stress

Effect of stress on attendance
55% miss one or two days a year to stress
29% miss three to six days a year
16% miss more than six days a year

Effect of stress on effectiveness
46% come to work one to four days per year when too stressed to be effective
30% show up that way five or more days per year
24% say stress does not influence their effectiveness

Effect of personal tasks on daily ¬productivity (FYI)
41% lose less than 30 minutes a day to personal tasks
40% lose 30 minutes a day
19% lose more than an hour a day
Source: ComPsych Stress Pulse survey, October 2012.


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