911, ISIS et al Root Cause

We all know what the date is. Last night during a CNN (Wolf Blitzer) discussion of why so many youth are flocking to ISIS, a guest commentator offered this about the root cause of the issue. ISIS has a strong ideology and a purpose, as warped as it may be. It also happens to be well-funded. When a billion Muslim youth are facing a future with no meaningful purpose, and no job…some of them are going to be sucked into that ideology.

It’s a basic law of nature: when there is a void something rushes in to fill it. To address the root cause of the issue, provide a meaningful, systemic alternative.

A little closer to home, Gallup has partnered with America’s Alliance, a youth education organization founded by Colin Powell, to study student engagement in the US. The key finding is an alarmingly low level of engagement in young people. Root cause of student disengagement per the Gallup study: a low perception of relevance in their education, a lack of meaningful mentoring in their lives, and little optimism about their future.

Purpose, vision and inclusion are absolutely critical to organizations, society, the Big Stage, even (especially) in the young people who are our future.


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