Much Ado, Part Two

In Much Ado About Nothing, I proposed that it’s time for less thinking and more doing the things that have been proven lead to higher levels of engagement and the resulting myriad of benefits.
This is modified from a reply to a discussion on the LinkedIn Employee Engagement group, Employee Engagement is Not Enough-sometimes it’s too much!  It’s easy to get so wrapped up in “engagement” that you lose sight of the real reason people work and the real reason for business.

“What’s your engagement level?”
(ans. 1) It’s never high enough, but who’s counting?

“What are you doing about it?”
(ans. 2) Our values, leader model and works systems are based on factors we know support an engagement-friendly workplace. Our daily focus is on doing the right things the right way-no need to measure and analyze where we are and what we already know is impactful and necessary.

“But how will you know how you’re doing?”
(ans. 3) See answer one. Oh, and there’s this thing called results, the best indicator out there.

There’s plenty of research and data that indicate what works. So assess where you are and decide where you want to go. Then do what’s right and necessary and the results will come.
Chalk it up to engagement or something else, no matter. Abundant studies have linked the right practices to “higher levels of engagement” so if engagement is an effective flag to wave, rally around it. Just be aware that an over-infatuation with engagement may compel us to obsess over the wrong objectives, confounding the real goal which is to generate results.



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