Explorer Treasure Map ONE-Engage for Success

In Much Ado About Nothing,I proposed that we need to think less and do more in the way of engagement. Maybe it would help if there was an “Engagement Fieldbook” much like Peter Senge’s Fifth Discipline Fieldbook. The engagement fieldbook, like Senge’s, would offer real-world validated ways to actually implement engagement theories and concepts.

Enter the UK all-volunteer effort Engage for Success following on the heels of The MacLeod Report (full report link),
a study commissioned in 2008 by the British government. The report identified four enablers of engagement: Leadership, Voice, Engaging Managers and Integrity. Upon further consideration, Leadership was changed to Strategic Narrative.

Engage for Success has an Ideas and Tools page that has, in essence, an engagement fieldbook in the making. I used the Advanced Search feature and in a few minutes downloaded the following four practitioner toolboxes. There are more resources under each of the four enablers. If I had a spare week I’d spend more time poking around, but this is a good start.

Highly recommended: go exploring at Engage for Success.  From that starting point, look for your own treasures. And, just to muddy up the puddle a bit, here’s another treasure map, for the Employee Engagement Network and David Zinger’s work on engagement.

Four Enablers, Four Resources

Hints & Tips: Creating and Communicating your Strategic Narrative

Hints & Tips: Becoming a more Engaging Manager

Hints & tips: Establishing Employee Voice in your Business

Create and Communicate Business Values with Integrity



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